Assembly guide

3DRacers Assembly Guide

Welcome driver and thanks for purchasing a 3DRacers!

You are just a few steps away from your first race: just choose one of the available 3DRacers designs, 3D-Print it and follows the instructions below.

A video guide from user @albertomarcone is available here:

Also, don’t forget to download the iOS or Android app.

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What’s needed

3DRacers Assembly Guide

The 3DRacers Kit contains everything needed: screws, axles, gears, and a pre-programmed 3DRacers Pilot board.

However, depending on the quality of your print, you could also need a rasp and a bit of glue to fix some of the most commong print errors.

Servo center

First of all, plug the Servo to the A port. Now plug the LiPo battery to the bigger port and turn on the Pilot Board.

You’ll hear the servo move to the center position.

PS: click on an image to enlarge it 3DRacers Assembly Guide

This step was useful to center the Servo so that it will steer equally from left to right.

Now you can turn off the Board and remove the LiPo to proceed to the next step.

1 - The small parts

Due to differences in every 3D printer, some parts will have a tolerance error.

To overcome this problem, the 3DRacers models contains several variations of the same part that are 3D-printed together.

Pick the Steering Arms that fit better together with the Steering Axles (so that can turn freely but not too loose).

3DRacers Assembly Guide

Also choose the Front Wheels (the one with a pass-trough hole) that will rotate freely but not too loose.

If the hole in the Steering Arm is too small for the Pin, use the Steering Arm with the “+” sign instead.

3DRacers Assembly Guide

Also, in the following guide, after plugging each part, try to rotate them in position to remove any imperfections that could be inside the holes.

2 - Steering mechanism

Fix the Steering Axle with the Large Head Screw in the middle hole. The Steering Axle is directed toward the bottom like in the picture.

3DRacers Assembly Guide

Now plug the Servo Arm in the Servo.

3DRacers Assembly Guide

Now you can put the Servo and the Board in the car like in the picture, and fix them with one of the Standard Screws.

3DRacers Assembly Guide

3 - The wheels

Put the Rubber Tires on wheels.

3DRacers Assembly Guide

4 - The hood

Now put the parts all together and close the hood

3DRacers Assembly Guide 3DRacers Assembly Guide

5 - The rear axle

Insert the Double Gear to the back of the car in the bottom hole, so that it can spin freely.

3DRacers Assembly Guide

Insert the Bearings, orange Gushings, Single Gear and Rear Wheels as in the picture, and put them inside the car.

3DRacers Assembly Guide

6 - The Pilot board

Take the Bearing holder with the right height, so that will reach the same level of the adjacent parts.

Now insert the 3DRacers Pilot board and fix it with a screw in the external hole of the board.

3DRacers Assembly Guide 3DRacers Assembly Guide

Check if the motor touch the gears, and that it can spin freely.

You can adjust the height of the board (and so of the Motor) changing the Bearing Holder:

3DRacers Assembly Guide

Also by changing the hole for the screw, the board will move to the front by 0.5mm.

7 - The roof

Insert the Small Axle and the roof part. Be carefull so that the axle doesn’t touch the Double Gear.

3DRacers Assembly Guide 3DRacers Assembly Guide

8 - Laterals

Add the laterals, with the Pilot board fitting inside the slits, and the sunroof axle inside the left side part.

3DRacers Assembly Guide 3DRacers Assembly Guide

9 - Final Setup

Your 3DRacers is assembled, but you need to tune the steering Servo.

Open the App and connect to the car, and then choose Car Setup from the Options panel.

3DRacers Assembly Guide

You can fine-tune the steering here:

3DRacers Assembly Guide

Your 3DRacers is now ready, well done driver!

Now you can check out the other car models, or create your own!